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Lean workshops and seminars

Workshops with practical application clearly and successfully convey everything you want to know about lean methods. Our experienced trainers and consultants develop the learning content and manage the workshops and seminars in an implementation-orientated manner. Small groups facilitate active and constructive cooperation of the participants.

There is enough leeway to consider individual and sector-specific questions and to exchange experiences. You can book all our workshops and seminars as an integral part of the training programmes.


We offer training in the form of open workshops at our learning centres on the dates announced as well as individual in-house training at your company.


management training


Management has a special role in the Lean transformation process. It is more than managing as day-to-day business. Lean management calls for clear leadership through the change process. The manager "leads" the employee through the change. A Lean leader must be able to deal with the instabilities, the resistance and the fears. The individual process stages and their impacts must be known and understood. Staff need trust to move along the road that leads to the new system.

The management training courses are specially designed for the challenges managers face. During the course, you meet business owners, managing directors, works managers and Lean leaders.


         management awareness
  operational management 


project training

Knowledge of methodology is the prerequisite for efficient project implementation. Once the approach becomes familiar, there are fewer questions. The team knows what it has to do and is aware of the objectives. The project training courses require no basic knowledge of Lean management. The future project leaders will be in a position to
implement lean projects successfully.

You will meet colleagues who plan and have responsibility for Lean projects on our project training courses. From plant managers to the foremen, these courses are designed for successful implementation of Lean measures.


         Lean Basics
  Lean Advanced
  Lean Office


tool training


The Lean toolbox contains a wide range of approaches and methods for successful implementation of projects. If you use and implement the right tool at the right project stage, you will improve your performance indicators
and ensure stability in the process. Not only the "How" is crucial for success, the "When" also makes a difference. A selection can be made from the portfolio of tools that matches the needs of the company. It is a question of selecting the tools in the project work that are essential to achieving the objective, in line with Lean principles.

The tool training courses are designed for project staff, who will implement the measures in a sustainable way. You will also come across managers in the Lean process who want to gain an understanding of the details.


        5S - visual management
  value stream analysis and design
  kanban & heijunka
  problem-solving process
  shopfloor management
  moderation training
  setting up a lean factory
  resource planning
  set-up time optimisation
  lean controlling
  5S in the office


training center


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training center
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